Martin Saidler

Executive Chairman, Founder

Martin Saidler is the Executive Chairman and founder of Numbrs. In his career as an entrepreneur, Martin Saidler has founded, invested in and sold numerous companies.

Øyvind Oanes


Øyvind Oanes is the CEO and responsible for the general operations and the company's growth strategies focusing on Numbrs' global expansion and the extension of the product range.

Christina Rogge

Managing Partner, COO

Christina Rogge is a Managing Partner of Numbrs and responsible for all organisational improvements as well as the general growth strategy of the company.

Martin Saidler II


Martin Saidler II is the Head of Technology and responsible for all technology operations at Numbrs. He defines the technology vision of the company and supervises its correct implementation.

Luis Lacambra

Head of Product & Design

Luis Lacambra is the Head of Product and Design of Numbrs. His role is comprised of defining the product roadmap as well as coordinating all UX, UI and product-related efforts of the company.

Fynn Kreuz

Managing Partner, Human Resources and Marketing

Fynn Kreuz, leading the communication and marketing department, is a partner at Numbrs. His main function deals with, e.g., all advertising media and communication activities of the company.

Patrick Stäuble

Head of Business Development

Patrick Stäuble is the Head of Business Development. He is responsible for all external partnerships, and is also the first point of contact for Numbrs' banking partners.

Daniel Müller


Daniel Müller is the CFO and head of Numbrs' finance department. He is in charge of accounting, reporting, controlling and the preparation of mid-term business plans.

Tobias Fuchs

Head of Legal

Tobias Fuchs is the Head of Legal at Numbrs. He manages the legal department and coordinates all legal issues and tasks company-wide.

Ildikó Sirman

Head of HR

Ildikó Sirman is the Head of HR at Numbrs. Her main function is to oversee and coordinate human resources, also including talent acquisition and employee retention.

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