Latest News | January 05, 2017

Centralway Numbrs introduces financial product-focused mobile platform

  • Customers can select from a variety of banking products and set up the agreements directly via the app
  • Traditional application process replaced by chat function
  • “We’re introducing the banks to completely new distribution channels and customer segments,” announces Martin Saidler, CEO
  • Numbrs Store functions as an extension to Germany’s favourite banking app

Swiss technology company Centralway Numbrs has developed a stand-alone mobile platform focused on financial products. Users will be able to compare a whole host of financial products from a variety of banks and set up customized agreements directly within the app. Numbrs Store enhances Centralway Numbrs’ eponymous app that provides its users with a central administration point vis-à-vis their various bank accounts.

Centralway Numbrs is Germany’s favourite banking app, with 1.5 million downloads. Plans to introduce the Centralway Numbrs app and services to the UK market are underway and a launch is due to take place within the coming months.

“Launching Numbrs Store takes us from being purely a mobile banking app to being an independent platform that’s going to offer a whole host of financial products boasting optimum price-performance ratios. From now on, not only will we be providing our customers with a better overview of their individual financial position – Numbrs Store will additionally enable us to reduce our customers’ personal-finance-related costs,” states Martin Saidler, CEO of Centralway Numbrs AG.

Centralway Numbrs operates as a partner to the banks

Centralway Numbrs has developed a technology that enables banks to link their offers with the Numbrs app at very little expense, using already-existing programming interfaces (APIs). “We’re introducing all the banks to completely new distribution channels and customer segments. We’re not a bank and we won’t be offering any financial products of our own. Centralway operates as a partner to the banks,” explains Saidler.

For the first time ever, the Numbrs app gives users the opportunity to compare the terms of various banking-related offers using a mobile platform, and to apply for an account, a loan or a credit card directly via the app. Clients can be assisted through the application process by trained experts via an online chat session. Users receive a customised offer just a few minutes later. The entire process takes place directly via the app – doing away with any need to visit a branch or fill out any complex forms.

Furthermore, anonymous data analysis is used to target users with products offers tailored to their current financial situation. Any users who are paying off relatively expensive loans are advised of opportunities to repay the outstanding amount on better terms. As a platform that is independent from the banks, Centralway Numbrs guarantees absolute transparency and does not provide counsel, as such.

Data security and data protection as key priorities

Centralway Numbrs attaches the greatest importance to the security and protection of its customers’ data. It therefore processes all data and all personal information exclusively in coded form. Hence it is impossible for the company to draw any conclusions regarding a customer’s identity. Moreover, this guarantees at all times that it is only the client who is able to take decisions concerning their data and its usage. All client data is protected by means of class-leading IT security infrastructure, certified by ‘TÜV Saarland’, with the data being stored in German data centres.

About Centralway Numbrs

Centralway Numbrs is a customer driven technology company that allows users to better choose and manage their finances and financial services. Through its award-winning app, Centralway Numbers allows users to manage bank accounts, payments & transfers, as well as providing spending analysis, budgeting tips and tailored notifications. Centralway Numbrs is headquartered in Zurich and employs over 130 people. 1.5m bank accounts in Germany are currently managed through the app and it is the #1 finance app on iOS and Android. The majority shareholder in Centralway Numbrs is Saidler & Co., the family office of Martin Saidler.

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