Numbrs is a technology-driven company and a global leader in mobile banking. We develop the most advanced mobile banking platform consisting of backend, frontend and a specialised, internally developed technology architecture.

Engineering Culture

Numbrs is one of the leading technology companies in the field of mobile banking. Since 2012, we have been building the first global mobile banking platform. This is comprised of backend, frontend and our own technical infrastructure, and is already used by millions of active users. The technical architecture is based on the use of Microservices and a proprietary machine learning technology.

Our goal is to control the entire value chain of the technology and to take ownership. This is done at high cost, but it guarantees full control of the platform and its level of quality. We are technologically independent, and command complete control of the product’s development. For example, every line of code is developed by our employees, and not a single step is passed to external partners.

Unlike other globally known internet companies, Numbrs provides opportunities not only to experienced professionals with university degrees but also to talented newcomers and self-taught people. Passion and performance are the only factors that count. We do not, for instance, provide opportunities to people who preach open source but cannot write clean code. We love open source, and we love clean code.

Technology belongs in the hands of engineers. Numbrs developers understand that building the best product requires access to the best technology. Our developers cannot be found on the stages of conferences, as they are not self-promoters. They can be found being with their teams. They actively build on the vision, rather than just talking about it.


In 2013, we began the transition to Go, an open source programming language. Since it offers many advantages, our backend operations are entirely built upon this young but powerful programming language. Developed by Google, Go is a compiled, statically typed language based on Algol and C, and designed for systems programming. It differentiates itself from other predecessors through its freedom from complication.

Go is based on simplicity, and this makes it a perfect fit for Numbrs. By migrating our systems, we were able to greatly reduce confusion and complexity in our backend programming. In addition, its scaling capabilities allow us to scale quickly and easily.

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